InterContinental Zhuhai

IHG / Business Hotel /22276㎡ / Zhuhai,Guangdong / 2018

Zhuhai, a shiny star perches long side the South Sea, is known as “A City of Romance” and “A City with Hundreds Islands”. With greenery and flowers everywhere in the city, it’s 960-kilometer coastal line exudes tranquil yet romantic feelings. It is the unique location that renders InterContinental Zhuhai a beautiful seaside spirit. As the interior design consultant, YANG draws inspiration from the city emblem Fishing Women’s lovely romantic story, and decides “Deep Sea Pearl Picking” as the theme. Pearls, fishing nets and other culture elements are used as clues between spaces, making InterContinental Zhuhai an upscale seaside business resort that carries on the legend of the prestigious brand.







The overall spatial design continues to adopt exclusive black and gold tone of InterContinental brand, together with the luster and line combination of metal, glass and marbles and so on to create modern, chic, and luxury feeling. Marine blue forms various tones and depicts magnificent underwater world in the carpet. The pearly shape and natural texture together with changing forms of fishing nets and environmental friendly materials are adopted by designers in the modern approach, which is showcased in the soft and hard furnishings of the hotel, and endows the space with simple and plain aura of the fishing life, and romantic and leisured sentiment of the coastal city.

In between ocean civilization and urban civilization, designers take the gift given by the sea as design origin while stands in line InterCon’s brand philosophy, creating an platinum-class InterContinental hotel with Zhuhai’s romantic spirit and the brand’s luxury heritage.

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