Golden Eagle International Hotel

Golden Eagle / Boutique Hotel /35000㎡ / Nanjing,Jiangsu / 2016

Nanjing City, the history teller of half the Republic of China. The once capital city during Republic era, owns the culture which is deep rooted in every aspect of people’s life, and can be found everywhere. Nanjing Golden Eagle Boutique Hotel, dedicatedly delivered by YANG Design Group, is located right within the celebrated city.









You can find your story about that era, about art, emotions and yourself. The space design features rich Republic era, presenting you the old memories of the beautiful yet heart-breaking city. The age-and-history evoking metal panels, representing the persistent patriotism and open attitude toward new things, combines together to form the art wall in the lobby. The robust wood furniture, calm and powerful, fills the space with memories of time.

Besides beautiful and sentimental women, art is also an irreplaceable part in Nanjing during the Republic era. Painting, the prevailing form of art at that time, has found expression at the lift lobby. The full-scale brocade using the contemporary palette deducts the Republic era pattern. Together with the black-and-white film broadcasting on the LED screen. Static and dynamic, they form the vivid combination in creating the unique visual feast.

The overall hotel is a poetic narrative of space. The multiple historic symbols present in order and the vein of culture also gets to spread like the panes lined above the ceiling, the inverted jewelry box, the captivating purple, the hollowed-out metal grilles and the old posters. The story-telling and readability of spaces get the expression by symbolic language and enable guest to have a time travel while staying in urban city.

For Americans, the elements of nostalgia are center parting hair style and suspenders. For Nanjing people, the nostalgic costume should be Qipao. YANG applied the Qipao elements into the guestroom design. The Qipao Bottons can be found orderly lined on the headboard wall, and together with the delicately chosen and designed vintage accessories, you can find yourself amid the glory period of old times and modern quality life. Interior design makes tradition and fashion blend together. It is a tribute towards tradition and persistent pursuit of innovation. And it is the Repulic era spirit YANG values.

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