Manjiang Dali, Curio Collection by Hilton

Hilton / Boutique Hotel /4500㎡ / Dali, Yunnan / 2022

Living in a house with a courtyard, one is blessed to feel the breath of nature by appreciating clouds, flowers and pine trees. Inspired by local courtyard-style folk houses, YANG strives to introduce a romantic and restful lifestyle into the building, in particular into the guest room, with the design concept of “one house, one courtyard”. In this way, clouds above Cang Mountain, the moon reflected on the water of Erhai Lake, and flowers growing in Dali seem approachable to guests, helping them feel the authentic tranquility and beauty of the place.







Different from the conventional way of design that unfolds highlights in inner space, the designer chose to integrate surrounding landscape with the hotel space by minimizing the blocking to views at the entrance. Stepping inside, ingenious waterscape is installed at the vestibule to remind visitors of the crystal blue water of far-off Erhai Lake. In the city that enjoys spring all the year round, flowers constitute an essential part of its beauty, and accordingly become an important design element in the hotel. In the ADD restaurant, a glass flower tree, originally designed by YANG, is installed, bringing enchanting blossom to the dining space while effectively avoiding the inconvenience arising from frequent falls of real petals due to the windy local weather. When the wind comes, the diners get accompanied by a pleasant sound from glass balls hung on the tree, cleverly turning a disadvantaged condition into a design highlight. In terms of materials, their forms, quality and texture are all regionally inspired. The creative R&D for artworks and FF&E have also contributed to the establishment of this boutique Curio hotel featuring locality, art and fashion.

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