Banyan Tree Hotel Chengdu

Banyan Tree / Business Hotel /34580㎡ / Chengdu,Sichuan / 2020

Chengdu, China, with a history of more than 3,000 years, is known as the "Land of Abundance". Its unique Ba-Shu cultural charm and slow-paced lifestyle have become the city's unique label and an important factor for the site selection of Banyan Tree. The hotel is located in downtown Chengdu, adjacent to the Convention and Exhibition Center. Considering the target group of the hotel, which is mostly business travelers participating in the exhibition, YANG combines the natural leisure orientation of Banyan Tree Brand with business concepts, creating a Banyan Tree Hotel that integrates business and leisure vacation temperament.


The ancient book Shu Du Fu of the Western Jin Dynasty, which records Chengdu's diverse natural landscape and long-standing residential culture, becomes the source of inspiration for YANG. The space design starts with the traveling route of the travel journal. You will meet Chengdu's magnificent landscape at the arrival and lobby, a very shocking first impression of "mountain city". (Pink statue for rare art work "I see happiness") The prosperity of ancient Chengdu's business dealings and the leisure of eating under bamboo can be experienced in the all-day restaurant. From the space and color of the ballroom, you can  appreciate the beauty and romance of Chengdu hibiscus flower. The unique flavor of the local residential courtyard will exude in the guest room.


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