Duoduo group &Yang B / Boutique Hotel /8800㎡ / Shenzhen,Guangdong / 2014

HUI HOTEL is the first boutique art hotel in Shenzhen. Located in the most prosperous business circle, Hui Hotel used to be an old factory. Shenzhen Central Park nearby provides free natural landscape for this Hui Hotel. Although the total investment of the hotel only takes up less than 1/3 of the five-star hotel, it is the most distinctive hotel in this area.







The design of the hotel focuses on new oriental elements and creates peaceful and natural Chinese aesthetic effect through a mix of Chinese and western furniture, as well as the smart decoration of displays and China’s contemporary artworks. In the lobby, the whole piece of living wall and bird cages in a row make the space simpler. In addition, Hui Hotel seems to be more quiet while the birds are singing. The hotel applies harmonious colors and carefully adjusted lighting, which makes the space full of peaceful and elegant cultural ambiance.

The most representative new Chinese elements such as Chinese counters, bird cages, water vats, abacus, lanterns etc. can be seen everywhere in the space, revealing the profound Chinese culture essence incisively and vividly. The design of Chinese restaurant “Yuese” is ingenious. Its ceiling is treated with wood beams, making it filled with Lingnan architectural features. The combination of the canna and water features outside the window is like raindrops rattling on the leaves of bananas. By applying the lodgepole pine, living wall, water surface, honed stone, wood finish etc., the designer brings the mysterious and remote essence from nature to the hotel, making you feel like staying in a vast forest.

Hui Hotel explores the most representative point in China’s traditional culture and enables spirit, culture and nature to get back to the hotel space. It is a wholly new exploration and interpretation to “Chinese style hotels” and sets up a benchmark for China’s modern luxury boutique hotels.

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