YANG’s Project Recognized as Winner in Hospitality Concept by World Design Awards 2020


“What is unique for a nation is also precious for the world.”

成都悦榕庄酒店_获World Design Awards 2020(2020世界设计大奖)酒店设计方案一等奖

Recently, the2020 World Design Awards announced the results on its official website.Banyan Tree Chengdu, the interior of which is designed by YANG, stands out from numerous global entries and wins the First Award, as the only one, in the category of hospitality concept. In the design, YANG draws inspiration from the most representative Chinese cultural elements - Mountain, River, Tea and Taoism - to create a leisure hotel in the city. In addition, Kempinski Hotel Nanjing, another operating hotel designed by YANG, is awarded an honor.

World Design Awards 2020(2020世界设计大奖)评委

The World Design Awards is one of the most prestigious awards for tall buildings in the world. It recognizes the outstanding idea of redefining architecture through new technologies, new materials, the implementation of unique aesthetics and spatial organization, as well as globalization, flexibility, adaptability and digital revolution.


Each year the expert jury is made up of renowned space designers and architects who use their insights and rich design experience to consider the results. The only constant is that they seek new ideas and thinking.


We can see from the winning works (click to view: World Design Award winning works) that the super high standard of the juryand the award are dedicated to discussing the relationship between architectural space and nature, community, city and people with the world's architecture and space designers.Mr.Yang Bangsheng,YANG's founder,has been advocating that interior designers should work with architectural thinking. This is one of the reasons why YANG proposed "we make every designed hotelthe name card of the city" as the corporate mission.


World Design Awards 2020 FIRST AWARD

Projects:Banyan Tree Chengdu

Design Team:Yang Bangsheng, Chen Anyun, Tian Shuai

成都悦榕庄酒店_2020世界设计大奖(World Design Awards 2020)一等奖

成都悦榕庄酒店_2020世界设计大奖(World Design Awards 2020)一等奖

成都悦榕庄酒店_2020世界设计大奖(World Design Awards 2020)一等奖

World Design Awards 2020 HONORABLE MENTION

Projects:Kempinski Hotel Nanjing

Design Team:Yang Bangsheng, Chen Anyun, Tian Shuai, Cai Chengeng

南京凯宾斯基酒店_2020世界设计大奖(World Design Awards 2020)荣耀奖

南京凯宾斯基酒店_2020世界设计大奖(World Design Awards 2020)荣耀奖

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