Platinum Winner! Both Entries of YANG Awarded the Highest Honor by Muse Design Awards 2020


杨邦胜设计集团中山威斯汀酒店&南京凯宾斯基酒店荣获2020 MUSE Design Awards最高铂金奖

Recently, one of the most influential international awards in the field of global creative design, the winners of the 2020 US MUSE Design Awards were announced, and the two major entries of the YANG Design Group, "The Westin Zhongshan Hotel" and "Kempinski Hotel Nanjing" from the world's 50th Among the 15,000 entries in various countries/regions, it stood out and won the highest honor in the interior design hotel category: the platinum award, the only double crown in cost.

2020美国MUSE Design Awards获奖名单揭晓_中山威斯汀酒店&南京凯宾斯基酒店

▲ YANG won the only double

2020 MUSE Design Awards_杨邦胜设计集团酒店作品荣获最高荣誉铂金奖

MUSE Design Awards was founded in New York, USA, and is sponsored by the long-standing International Awards Associates (IAA). It aims to discover and honor outstanding people in the six design fields of architecture, interior and fashion, with a strict evaluation system and high quality. The evaluation standard is well-known, attracting many well-known global brands and designers to compete for participation every year.

2020 MUSE Design Awards_杨邦胜设计集团酒店作品荣获最高荣誉铂金奖

It is particularly worth mentioning that the exquisite MUSE trophy can be said to be the most eye-catching and attention in many international design competitions. The trophy is produced by the famous global award, Emmy and MTV award manufacturers. The MUSE trophy is not only an international The recognition honor of the creative level is a unique art product.

2020 MUSE Design Awards_奖杯

The awards are divided into platinum, gold, silver, rose gold and nomination awards according to grade. In the end, only works with top aesthetics and concepts will have the opportunity to obtain the limited-customized "Muse Statue Trophy".

中山威斯汀酒店&南京凯宾斯基酒店收到2020 MUSE Design Awards奖杯

▲ Affected by the global epidemic, unfortunately, he was unable to attend the ceremony. YANG received two beautiful muses trophy sent by the review committee from abroad

The 2020 MUSE Goddess Trophy symbolizes the pursuit of perfect art, while highlighting excellence and wisdom. Integrating the combination of ancient Greek culture and modern creativity, the Muse trophy not only marks great achievements, glory and victory, it is also a symbol of creativity and the inheritance of ancient and modern creative culture.


MUSE 2020 PLATINUM WINNER ----The Westin Zhongshan中山威斯汀酒店_2020 MUSE Design Awards 铂金奖获奖作品

中山威斯汀酒店_2020 MUSE Design Awards 铂金奖获奖作品


南京凯宾斯基酒店_2020 MUSE Design Awards 铂金奖获奖证书

MUSE 2020 PLATINUM WINNER ----Kempinski Hotel Nanjing
2020 MUSE Design Awards 铂金奖获奖作品_南京凯宾斯基酒店

2020 MUSE Design Awards 铂金奖获奖作品_南京凯宾斯基酒店

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