Cloud Coast Cliff Art Gallery

- / Sales Center /2000㎡ / Huizhou,Guangdong / 2019

Art is a response to life and nature, and conveys strength and beauty. Located on the cliff of mountains with the sea surrounding, the Cliff Art Gallery of Cloud Coast is the first masterpiece of Cloud Coast projects by Huizhou Shuangyue Bay, it is not only a sales center, but a spiritual landmark representing aesthetics and culture.








As to FF&E design,  it responds to architecture and hard furnishing design approach of “harmony between the mountain and the sea, returning to nature”.With architecture as the container which takes free imagination about nature and art, the gallery upholds a lifestyle of fashion and elegance, authenticity and purity to attract urban residents who pursue high-quality life.

In order to fit the futuristic and modern feeling of hard furnishing, the design of soft furnishing breaks the traditional rule of design, yet through interesting sculpturesque form and freely extending geometric visual imagination and linear partition to redefine artistic beauty. The irregular lines of furniture, and the airiness and interestingness makes the blending and integration of art and ecology, and also makes the space takes the form of art gallery and library yet functions as marketing centre. After the real estate is sold out, the art gallery will transform into the central venue of regional cultural exchanges and artistic activities.

The soft furnishing continues trendy and simple temperament of main white tone applied in hard furnishing, while blends with light grey, ocean blue to blur the boundary of commerce and arts, and shorten the distance between people and space. The shape of furniture and artwork is abstracted from natural scenery such as the mountains and the sea, and creates the spatial ambience of “the gallery standing above the sea and mountain, while the sea and mountain are hidden inside the gallery”, and transcend the natural beauty through modern arts.

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