China Overseas Hotspring Club House Huizhou

China Overseas / Club /312㎡ / Huizhou,Guangdong / 2019

People who live an urban life for quite a long period might miss the beauty and purity of ancient times. China Overseas Hotspring Club House Huizhou is a one hundred old mansion built in Huizhou style. Its rustic and profound historical memory touches emotions and souls of modern people.






Ancient architectural components such as columns, purlins and rafters with one hundred year history are moved to Huizhou with restoration as they were, and functions as a window for cultural display of Huizhou style folk residence. MSA (Metropolitan Space Art) as the FF&E designing unit of this project, based on respecting the historical value of the old mansion, proactively strives to extend the significance of modern existence of space, so as to make it have deeper connection with local modern life and create a sustainable activated space.

The axisymmetric structure of Huizhou style folk residence conveys solemnity and elegance of Chinese classic aesthetics and embodies proportion and order of traditional living philosophy.  Adhering to the design concept of “restoring it as it was”, the layout of furnitures and decors in the clubhouse is symmetrically arranged, which creates a balanced and stable order. At the same time, solid wood furniture with mortise and tenon joints which keeps in consistent with existing architectural structure is selected to optimise the restoration and representation of original residential characteristics.

The humanities of history and the present life collide with each other, and different people have experienced differently. The design breaks the boundary of functions of space, yet it is a cultural exhibition, a leisure clubhouse as well as a homeland for cultural pursuit. MSA interprets an infinite potential of the space, which brings the fusion of old and new, historical inheritance and current connection to the project, and leads the traces of the time to the distant future.

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